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tv   Hillary Clinton Rally Event for Sen. Kay Hagan  CSPAN  November 2, 2014 3:07pm-3:31pm EST

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immigration is an important issue and we appreciate that and we thank you for your advocacy. out sure you get everybody to vote for the kind of north carolina and america you want. [applause] that ino quickly add addition to the other issues kay has fought for and been a champion of, women's issues are at the top of the priority list. why is that? because there's a concerted effort on the other side led by her opponent to take away the rights of women and deny women equal rights, including equal pay for equal work. [applause] amazing when you see
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what is being said by her opponent on some of these issues and it does really bother me 2014 wouldy in ofually run to deprive women our equal rights in our democracy and our economy, in our society. that is why we need leaders like to has such a strong, profamily agenda. she knows what is worth investing in and the other side either doesn't know or doesn't care. i'm not quite sure which it is. you have to ask yourself self why did north carolina vote in its legislature to underfund education by $500 million?
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carolina lay off teachers and cut their pay when north carolina was making so much progress? it was bipartisan progress over the last years. carolina education system from kindergarten to your research university was held up as an example of what could and should be done. so you have to ask yourself, why would a legislature led by her opponent cut education funding? you have to believe it is because either they don't care or because they don't know, or because they were told to do that. [applause] that bye told to do
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people who have a short term greatf what makes a state , what gives opportunity to young people, and shame on them. subject kids to overclass -- overcrowded textbooks, out dated -- that's not the kind of leadership north carolina needs. when kay hagan wrote the state budget, teachers got a pay raise every single year. [applause] kay understands education has to begin early and lasts a lifetime. to compete in our economy, we need great teachers and world-class schools, a need access to job training and apprenticeships, stronger community colleges and more
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affordable universities. [applause] that is what she is fighting for. that is why you are so revved up to do everything you can for her to succeed. you have to ask yourself is it profamily? is it pro-north carolina to say equal pay for women is just a campaign gimmick? when i heard that, i thought i misheard. there's a subtle way to be discriminatory and insulting. [laughter] women in northat carolina still get paid less costsen for the same work those women and their families thousands of dollars every year. imagine what a working mom could do with the money she is owed.
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the better home she could rent. the car she could get repaired or buy a new one -- the groceries, the gas, planning for a secure retirement, planning in case someone in the family has emergency -- this is not just a women's issue, and this is a families issue, a fairness issue and an economics issue. [applause] unless you are just living under you areomewhere or living surrounded by people who say the same thing over and over have got tor, you know people are working hard. they are working hard in north carolina, working hard to stay
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in the middle class and working hard to get into the middle class. tot is why she's fighting raise the minimum wage. it will mean more money in the pockets of more than one million north carolina workers. [applause] that not only means more women will have more money in their pockets because the majority of women -- the majority of minimum-wage wage workers are women, it will mean there are more consumers for north carolina businesses and more security for north carolina families. republicans will tell you that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs. they always say that. they get proven wrong every time. when my husband was president, he advocated for and signed a
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minimum wage increase. itoted for one because actually lives the people who are working hard and it lifts people up further and further, millions of new jobs are created, more people get into the middle class. that is what it means to be fro -- to be profamily and that is why she has a comprehensive land for better jobs, better wages, and better schools. hard or whattening the republican alternative is. the best i can hear, because it is a failedaint economic theory that will hurt middle-class families, more trickle-down economics, more divisive politics, tax cuts for companies that ship jobs overseas while you are left
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paying. you know it's not going to work. it hasn't been working. it will not work now. north carolina has learned this lesson the hard way and you know that old saying -- full me once, shame on you, full me twice, shame on me. in 10 days, north carolinians have a clear choice to say no more fooling with us. we are going in a different direction. we are going into the future together. [applause] there is a lot at stake in this election. point, northge carolina has so much potential. it really is critically
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that you do what you can to make sure kay gets reelected. i'm aware of the fact that there toen't been efforts made discourage people from voting. maybe even intimidate. you have to do more than you thought you were going to do. you take, theople next day, take three more. you know the kind of person we all have in our life -- we all have the curmudgeonly uncle or sarcastic neighbor, when you say why don't you come but with me and he says i don't want to encourage them. not going to do that, then i think you have to gently but persistently try to persuade and if you are unsuccessful, you
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have to say if you don't want to vote for kay hagan, vote for yourself. vote for the kinds of opportunities that will make your life better. mentioned several of them -- the 500,000 people it could be held by the extension of medicaid. schools, teachers, students being helped by making sure education is well-funded. go down the list. if it still doesn't work, say ok, we are not listening to you when you complain about politicians, politics or anything like that anymore. [applause] reach out to every single woman you know. women's rights are like the canary in the mine. if you don't protect women's right here and around the world, everybody's rights are at risk. [applause]
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efforts a concerted right now to turn that clock back, isn't there? you have to ask yourself if you want a senator who will always defend a woman's right to make her own health care decision, who will never shame and judge a woman for decisions that are complex and deeply personal. or do you want a senator who will push so-called personhood laws that would outlaw common forms of birth control and ban abortions even in cases of rape and. do you want a senator who will defend planned parenthood and applaud? to tryng people together to make sure these rights are protected or do you want
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somebody who will try to defund planned parenthood and applaud , so-called hobby lobby, to deny women health care coverage for contraception, tell them to buy it over the counter regardless of the cost. do you want a senator who would help insurance companies from clock back to a day when being a woman was labeled a pre-existing condition? and women were charged more solely because of our gender? that is the choice. not all it takes as usual. this is serious business about what kind of future north carolina and america will have will stop the other side is counting on people staying home, people being intimidated to stay people deciding they are too busy doing whatever else they have to do in their lives to get out an early vote or vote
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on november 4. you have to prove them wrong. hasatter how much money flooded into this state, north carolina is not for sale. [applause] [chanting "not for sale"] let me and on a personal note about my extraordinarily above average one-month-old granddaughter. hows thinking about she'sate she is because got parents, grandparents and an extended family who are going to do everything we can possibly do to make sure she has every
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opportunity she can imagine. it will be up to her to take advantage of that, to get a good education, to work hard and all of the things we expect everybody to do, but it is important to imagine what kind of country and world will be waiting for her. as i think about that, it brings me back to this race. because we want leaders like kay hagan to appeal to our hopes, not our fears. who believe with all their hearts that dreams can come true, but everybody needs some help along the way. and the american dream, which is the dream we all share, should be there for every single child. theshould not have to be grandchild of a senator or
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secretary of state or former president to be assured that dream will be there for you. [applause] every child across this state what is inromised kay justt recitation gave -- where people help the week to go strong and the strong to grow great. i'd never heard that before but it really does sum up how we are all in this together and how we can do better with each other in pitting ourselves against one another. upset with up and all the negativity that comes from the other side, so please don't wake up the day after the
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election wishing you had done more, do everything you can now. volunteer if you haven't already. talk, anyone you can reach, tell them early voting has started and tell them to vote for our better future and vote for their hopes, not their fears and vote their dreams, tell them to vote for kay hagan for united states senate. [applause] ♪ ♪
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>> in connecticut, first lady michelle obama made a stop in new haven recently for a rally in support of democratic donor dan malloy. she spoke to supporters for about 20 minutes. >> angst so much. yes. thanks so much, everyone. this is so exciting. i am beyond thrilled. hi, you guys. got to get this done.
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support your outstanding governor, dan malloy. that is why i am here, i am here because of your governor. he's done such an amazing job and i want to start by thanking him for that wonderfully generous introduction. but i also want to thank a few other of your outstanding connecticut leaders we have your today will stop we have the lieutenant governor here and we are grateful for her service. we have senator blumenthal, congresswoman, delauro who is here and you were mayor is here as well. i am grateful to all of them for their leadership for their service, for the work they are doing on behalf this governor, we are going to get this done. most of all, i want to thank all of you.
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just like your governor says, it's the cousin of you that we me, you are like fired up and ready to go. there was an overflow crowd i talked to them a are fired up and ready to go and like me, you are here for one simple reason because you know this election isn't about who is here, this is not about me, it is not about barack, it is about you. it's about what is going on in going on inwhat is your families, your communities. we love you. absolutely. >> [inaudible]
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>> we have so many issues. absolutely, honey. you, babe. i hear you, sweetie. -- i'm going to wait and let you finish. i hear every word you are saying. i hear you. understand this. there is passion here, but what we have to do is turn this passion into work. is everyone has an issue that is near and dear to them.
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i know that when you kiss your kids goodbye, if you have a off,, when you send them you want to make sure you send them to good schools with good teachers. will push them, who will ensure they have the love and support they need to be on track to go to college, to get a good job, to achieve. you are here because you don't ever want to be scared walking around in your own neighborhood. should everno child feel afraid walking into their classroom. of passionany issues here and that's why elections are important. you are here because you believe when you are working your heart out, putting in 40 or 50 hours a week at your job, you should be able to pay your bills. you should be able to put your
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money away. i know this because this was my father. he was a working class guy. he was able to raise a family and send us to college on his salary. that is the american dream we are talking about. you are here because you know things are starting to get better because of your president. [applause] because of leaders like governor -- let's just share some of the numbers with you. our businesses have created 10 million new jobs. we have had the longest run of private sector job growth in our nations history. the national unemployment rate has dropped from a peak of 10%
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in 2009 2 5.9% today. because youre here want the state to keep cutting in the right direction. all, you are here because this election will determine what happens on every single one of these issues. you guys are lively here. you guys are all fired up. [applause] you guys want this to be a respiratory rally. come on up here on stage. -- you cannot yell in the audience unless you are going to vote. [applause] every single issue that you care


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